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James aka Jimmy Fakehany Canyon Lake CA

Anonymous | July 14, 2021 | 1 0
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This guy goes around pretending to be a big dog, talks a huge game and pretends to be connected with rappers etc in order to get fronts from growers then will go MIA and block your number. He lives in canyon lake, CA Lake Elsinore area. Has a bunch of stupid tattoos all over, looks and walks like a junkie and dresses like hes 13 years old... He brags about only moving fronted product and was constantly asking for fronts which was always odd since hes such a big dog in the game yet never has money. He would even call me regularly asking for a few nugs to smoke while not realizing this is damaging the character he was pretending to be....Anyway, eventually I said fuck it, gave him 11 packs on christmas and i give him a week or two...then the excuses start coming. All the way from his wife is on heroin again, his mom and dad died, then he said hes getting divorced, lie after lie after lie...The dude has come up with every excuse in the book to avoid paying BEFORE blocking my number. Please post this to make people aware of this actor / fraud. Hes not someone who belongs in the cannabis industry and would constantly brag about selling oxys and setting up his junkie friends to rob grows...Be on the look out.


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