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Pressure Cartridges

Anonymous | May 31, 2021 | 0 0
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Found these cartridges off a local plug in FL supposedly lab tested Cali carts. On first glance, the packaging seems minimal; but the hardware (ceramic) and oil looked legit. Looked them up on ig and found a very new page so I was immediately suspicious. However, after trying the cart it does indeed seem to be high quality. Although I cannot verify the lab test, I can say that it does taste more like real extracts than other cart brands. They claim to use cannabis derived terpenes and it seems to be true. Picture attached is from there IG, product looked similar but came individually packaged in a slim Mylar with scan code.


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    Aug 09, 2021, 06:05 PM  Reply

    Dude, anyone can add cannabis derived terpenes to low quality trim disty. You won’t be able to taste the pesticides either. The cartridge also seems to have a thick rod so they might be skimping you, because I’m not sure that can fit a full gram, maybe .8g like the thick rod metal knockoff CCELLs. If they are skimping you on oil, think of what else they might be cutting corners with...

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