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Cana Harbor Review

Anonymous | May 13, 2021 | 0 0
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I attempted to explain an Executive Order to a manager at Cana Harbor in Harbor City regarding medical recommendation expiration. The manager wouldn’t even listen to me or take a look at the .gov website with the law, she just kept restating that they’re a private business and can refuse service for any reason. The law states that any business operating through the Bureau of Cannabis Control must accept medical recommendations that expire on or after March 4, 2020 up until the Covid-19 Mandate is terminated. I told her a private business still has to operate by the law especially when they’re licensed under a government agency. I even tried to tell her that even though they’re a private business it doesn’t mean they can refuse to wear masks due to an executive order in California, they’re still going to get fined or held responsible for it. This business is all about listening to the law when it comes to mask mandates but when it comes to assisting a customer? Shit hits the fan.

Gave a call to another business right after that I’ve had 100x better customer service experience in the past. A manager let me explain the law for her as she looked into it with while I was on the phone. She found that they would most likely be honoring that Executive Order and that they’ll discuss it with the rest of the staff and management overnight to make sure they’ll be going through with it, but she did say she hopes they do. Big difference in customer service here. Get it together Cana Harbor - Harbor City, this isn’t the first time I’ve had problems with you guys, I also ordered online from you guys for pickup one time 2-3 hours before and as soon as I was about to get there, my order was canceled. I tried to replace my order but it said they were out of stock. It seemed as if they cancelled my order to sell it someone else, but when I called they said they hadn’t had the item in stock for over a week. Terrible Service.


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