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West Long Branch Says 'No' to Cannabis Businesses, Approves Ban

Dan Radel | April 08, 2021 | 0 0
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WEST LONG BRANCH – The borough has banned any scale of cannabis businesses from operating within its borders, making it one of the first to do so following the statewide legalization of recreational marijuana in February. 

The prohibition is for recreational and medical marijuana businesses. The ban doesn't forbid residents from consuming marijuana purchased elsewhere.

The council voted unanimously 5-0 for the prohibition.  

Residents though voted 63% in favor of the legalization of recreational marijuana on the November ballot, or 2,560 "yes" to 1,506 "no." 

Mayor Janet Tucci did not respond to an email seeking comment regarding the borough's decision to ban cannabis businesses. 

The borough was one of several municipalities at the Shore that passed ordinances against marijuana businesses before marijuana became legal in the state. The borough did so in 2018. 

However, now that there is legislation legalizing recreational marijuana on the books, municipalities must adopt the ordinances again. 

Municipalities have 180 days to adopt ordinances, if not, they have to wait five years before they could try to do so again. 

The borough's ordinance prohibits the six marketplace licenses approved by state law for marijuana businesses from operating in town. Those licenses are for the cultivation, delivery, distribution, manufacturer, retail and wholesale marijuana.


This article was originally posted on app.com.


Radel, Dan. “West Long Branch Says 'No' to Cannabis Businesses, Approves Ban.” Asbury Park Press, Asbury Park Press, 8 Apr. 2021, www.app.com/story/news/local/new-jersey/marijuana/2021/04/08/west-long-branch-says-no-cannabis-businesses-approves-ban/7124054002/.



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