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Instagram Scammer Pmacthedabber

Anonymous | March 12, 2021 | 0 1
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@pmacthedabber owes over $100k to less than 10 people I've head counted so far. He owes me $3k, but that was enough to get me going. He took $20k from his partner then ghosted him. The dude got so stressed out that he committed suicide, his wife reached out to mac about the money because now she has a funeral to pay for; his reaction was to tell me that $6k worth of my work was "trapped in the dead man's safe." Only yesterday was I made aware of this guy dying so I started posting about pmac a lot of people sent me dm’s saying how much he owed them, giving detailed stories. His father was a former VP for Capital One yet pmac likes to tell people he's from the San Francisco Riverbottom. His story/lie changes frequently enough that everyone I talk to has a different story. He recently shaved his head and face and is trying to hide in Arizona again.


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