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Package Tracking Scam

Anonymous | February 21, 2021 | 0 0
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You said to tell you stories of people on Snapchat running off with your money, and I have an interesting one I am not sure what to think of:

I found a snaptrapper with the user name of 'rstollplug7' and an Instagram account 'roger_theoiilman' that has since blocked me that was verified by the cannaclear account as well as dankczar_icehash, had hash house and grape god products in stock so I figured he was legit, and he responded quickly.

Shortly after sending money he becomes really despondent and eventually “his buddy” gets on his Snapchat and starts running his business after a couple days of this back and forth, they say he’s having trouble with the law whether it is true or not idk.

A week after I send the money they send me a video of what I am getting and later in the day receive a text and email from a really sketchy “delivery service” with its own “tracking number” when inserted into google like any other comes up with no results. But when typed into this site gives me an even sketchier tracking page.

On the day of “delivery” I first get a call, then an email, then a text all saying I need to pay these people a “90% refundable” 250$ for my package to make it through the “next checkpoint”, also saying my senders should know about this.

I call the snap trapper up and it’s apparently still his “buddy” I’m on a snap call with him for several minutes attempting to explain what this is and him sounding genuinely confused, saying this was a “carrier like usps recommended to them by someone else” a few minutes later he responds with a large message basically saying “I guess we have to do what they say” and has never responded since.

I have no idea what to do.


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    Feb 24, 2021, 09:48 PM  Reply

    you got scammed my dude. that isnt a real shipping company and there was never any product for you to buy. they tried to scam you twice! lmfao

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