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Flying High Extracts

Anonymous | February 14, 2021 | 0 0
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https://www.recordnet.com/news/20181217/lodi-police-bust-honey-oil-lab-with-3-tons-of-pot you posted this story when it happened, here's an update.

Mitchell Rodriguez (the owner) of FnH (flying high extracts) was charged with: Manufacture/Etc Controlled Substance Illegally Possess Any Assault Weapon Armed With A Firearm Possess Money/Etc From Sale/Etc Of Controlled Substance Poss Marijuana for Sale Armed With A Firearm Rent/Etc For Storage/Sale/Etc Of Controlled Substance.

He was sentenced Feb 1st on "Rent/Etc For Storage/Sale/Etc Of Controlled Substance" and received probation and a 450$ fine. When Michell was raided he was in possession of 3 tons of material, hundreds of pounds of finished product, and a ledger with everybody who dropped off material, including, customer name, phone number, social media, and product amount (this is not including the 10+ firearms and 1.2 million in cash found at his home).

Mitchell is out and operating under a potentially licensed facility with the same name (FnH extracts) here is the new Instagram account for FnH extracts: https://www.instagram.com/flynhigh.916/ There were 9 employees arrested as well. The employees were sentenced to poss with intent to distribute and received a 700$ fine and 3 years probation plus a few other minor punishments. All of this information is available here: https://cms.sjcourts.org/fullcourtweb/courtCase.do?CourtCaseId=1928572&DefendantId=6338966


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