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Marcus Mendoza Harrison Arkansas Snitches/Informant

Anonymous | February 03, 2021 | 1 1
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So I've been doing some reading on this post that someone made on someone who so-called snitched on them and there seems to be no proof. As a private investigator there is more to how these two boys who got popped with 270 pounds of weed and wax and edibles around 1.4 million dollars of street value and bailed out with such a flight risk. Looking into it there is an affidavit released stating that Mark Mendoza actually told the cops everything they needed to know including that his so-called brother was his partner and that he wasn't the head of it all but he was apart in it. He thru his own brother under the bus. Now Wamock on the other hand on his casenet stated that he was gonna plead the 5th has any other dealer should do to protect them self's. Marcus ratted his own brother out and is now trying have someone else take the fall for his doing.

I would have never taken something like this in my life to look into but it took me literally a day max to look at everything I could be wrong on everything but the facts don't point to anyone but a scared kid in a jail interrogation room singing. Snitched on or not you literally gave the cops everything they needed. If someone did snitch that truly knew what you where doing then they would even have asked half the stuff they did. Attached to this will be a pdf showing the affidavit that Mendoza told the cops everything including that his own brother was involved. I'm only following what is on the casenet site and its pretty accurate. I also reached out to the kid they think snitched on them and he has proof messages from Mendoza him self that he sent to me that Mendoza not one time thought it was him. He also sent me the ticket on where he got pulled over for a expired plate that he needed to renew on his car. When he got pulled over and all that was taken at that time was cash. He also had been served with paper work showing that the Fortier was in a value of 8k cash. When the pull over happened stated in the paper work there were 2 people with him. One of them did have weed on them and confessed to everything. The other one didn't have anything on him he was just a friend of one of the kids.

I'm only posting this cause it ate at me to find out what was going on in the situation with not enough to go on to be pointing fingers. Again this is not pointing fingers this is just what am reading and seeing with my own eyes. Again I'm just following the lead here and from what it looks like is a brother talked to the cops and gave them everything they needed to close this case! I wish the best for these brothers. I could be wrong here. But from my experience of 10 years doing this I've used every resource i have and this is what it looks like to me. The cops had Mendoza's kid and wife so I'm sure with all that together it was hard for him not to tell them what they wanted. But what he did was truly rat on him self and his own brother confirming what the cops either knew or now have proof on.

This a another link if found interesting: https://harrisondaily.com/news/buy-money-allegedly-stolen-confidential-informant-ripped-off/article_dde8f890-6359-11e7-a2ef-9761b6403e5f.html

^^^^^^ To view this post you must purchase a 1.00 day pass thru the news center. This proves that the brothers them self's has some kind of connection with the cops them self cause it makes no other sense why the local news would post a caption like this. This is of Marcus Mendoza him self and his other brother that was not involved in this raid.

I hope this give some people on the other post what they where looking for cause I know it did for me as well. This is again just things I took the time out of my self to go look at and read and ask around. Everything is found on the internet just know that. And as a investigator I had to share what I have found. Sources: Arkansas Casenet, Google, Harrison Arkansas News, Harrison Daily News.


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