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Anonymous | January 06, 2021 | 0 0
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I placed an order from www.hempiredirect.com on December 12, the product finally arrived on December 22. I had ordered one unit of mixed strains of CBD, but they advertised bigger buds, a strong nose and fresh -- they had even sent me pictures of what the product looked like, however, when it arrived it did not look or smell like what was advertised. Two of the strains were Hawaiian Haze and Banana Kush. I received lots of shake, stems, small popcorn nugs. I reached out to the company through email and sent them pictures.

As of today, January 5th, 2020, they have not responded and refused to make things right, all I got was a sales call from a rep asking me if I wanted to place another order. I explained to the rep named Annie what happen, but she said she's only in sales and could not help me and that I needed to email the company again. I have now sent five confirmed emails with tracers on it so I now they read them and still no response.



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    Jan 14, 2021, 07:19 PM  Reply

    Agreed, hemp clearing house. Aggressive advertiser, delta 8 carts, they are in las vegas. I picked up a 20 dollar ounce of lemon haze hemp just to try it. Kind if interested in hemp 3.0 strains with more traditional cannabis terps. But this was supposedly s top shelf $80 oz, came in at more or less worth 20, old harvest bulk style flower. I cannot say enough good things about dealing directly with oregan hemp farmers. I love fern valley farms,though they are not growing that many strains always fresh and cared for product. But there are others too, just look out for the resellers, i bought a lb of cbd hemp just to have to give away for 80 from a fclearing house. It was a great deal and at under 5 an oz, i was able to help oit a lot of people without worrying about the cost. Some people need cbd, and they have maxed put opiate receptors, cbd is the last line of painkillibg for recovering drug addicts.

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