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Blackmarket Concentrate

Anonymous | January 06, 2021 | 0 0
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This is for the traditional market concentrate/wax consumers,

I understand that the legal market can be expensive and tricky sometimes, but after this story you're going to start questioning your street dealers. Before I begin the story, it is important to know this situation has happened to me with two different dealers at two different times, and both had been serving up what I paid for until these recent incidents. No funny business, insults, and misunderstandings on either end, just simple polite business like I always intend. The product in question is a yellow slightly dry looking Badder/"Sugar" that smells like CarMax or some kind of medicine, tasted like burning cough syrup and scratched my throat. The taste and the smell was super off, and I know my wax, I smoked nasty trim and fire hash and everything in between.

The 1st dealer is from LA, who I will not name, because he actually was concerned and remedied the situation with a refund, just no more business. The second dealer, of which his name is Invader Extracts, with the Space Invader logo, was super cool up to the point where he sold me that nasty cut Badder. I asked not for a refund, but for an explanation, for health and safety. He straight lies to my face, telling me it's about temperature, and everyone else is just fine, telling me it's whole plant fresh frozen live resin sugar. It's not live resin of any kind nor is it even sugar, I tell him, and he sticks to his guns, telling me it's my fault.

I don't mind losing out on a couple hundred bucks but what I mind is that poison is being peddled to people, people with family, people with kids. I don't care about a refund, I don't care about looking cool, I just don't want anyone getting this nasty yellow badder and then going to the hospital or worse.

Picture #1 is the jars he serves them in. Picture #2 is the nasty wax at hand, looks like Pine Resin, but softer. Picture #3 is the nasty wax dissolved in Iso Alcohol for 2 weeks, leaves a sandy, cloudy material at the bottom that the Iso DOES NOT DISSOLVE, clean real wax doesn't leave byproduct in Iso.


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