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Are Brands Really Testing As Much As They Say, Is It Accurate?

Propen Vape | November 11, 2020 | 0 1
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What’s really in your vaporizer?

What are companies doing to take preventative measures to assure that cartridges remain consistant?

Everyone has their own idea of what’s right and what’s wrong. Challenging companies on weekly tests is important. Every company, whether they are BM or recreational, should be fully transparent with their consumers by testing at least twice a month.

We go through a considerable amount of oil each month and change batches quiet often and we’re small! Batches change often in bigger brands and should always be tested. Transparency is important!


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    Nov 11, 2020, 02:52 PM  Reply

    this doesnt make sense. thats not how testing works... or the traditional market...

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