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Kush Rush Exotics

Anonymous | November 01, 2020 | 1 0
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Kush Rush Exotics (a.k.a Uncle Kush (Tax master) and Nick Moody (Former NFL Player)) is taxing the most out of their products, claiming they have "real exotics going for $5500 WHOLESALED." THEY WILL GIVE YOU LOW GRADE INDOOR AND PASS IT AS EXOTIC; 10% of their stuff doesn’t even make it and they tell their customers to kick rocks even though they ENCOURAGE you to get packages shipped overseas and claim they got you if anything happens, but then you lose your package and money.

On top they are pricing everything so high, customers have almost 0 room for profit left, when you’re charging $350 WHOLESALED. Their exotic bud is regular indoor at MOST. Everything they have on their menu is priced $500-$1000 more than what you should be paying, they are scamming customers claiming they have the best prices and when they get their packs, it’s all shit mids. Be careful who you give your money to.


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    Nov 02, 2020, 07:16 PM  Reply

    if anybody quotes you $5500, they're scamming you. It takes two to tango though so if you don't know any better, you pay for it...Sounds like dummies scamming dummies

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