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Brian Sodre

Hash Crusader | November 03, 2020 | 15 1
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If you google the name Brian Sodre you will find a real estate agent and “successful businessman” from Miami. What you won’t find is the truth about this “man”. A failed cannabis grower and proud snitch. In June of 2020 after a year of unsuccessful attempts of extortion of one of the best growers and hash makers in Colorado Brian decided to call in “anonymously” to several southern Colorado Police Depts. In his call he gave up the names of The Hashtronauts, Rosin Only, and Kenny Wall.

In his calls to the police he made claims that were untrue, causing invasive police raids that included federal cooperation. The raids came up short on his claims of trafficking and extraction labs. The successful growers that were involved in this travesty have had their lives forever altered. Their families have been affected and in certain cases unfairly charged. The hash rosin market has been forever changed for the worst. This is not a “man” , Brian Sodre is a certified snitch. A being full of jealousy and hate. Betraying a business he wanted so badly to be part of but failed at terribly.


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    Mar 31, 2021, 04:10 PM  Reply

    Screw this guy, has there been any updates on his victims whereabouts - Rosin Only for example?

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