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Attempted House Invasion

Anonymous | October 15, 2020 | 0 1
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Yesterday, our driver was pulled up on and assaulted 30 minutes from the drop-off spot. The men pistol whipped him, tried to drag him out of the car by his neck and head, and then grabbed his house keys and bounced when they couldn’t get him out of the front seat. A good 35 minutes later, a SEPARATE vehicle was at our spot with 5 grown men attempting to use the house keys to get in.

Friends were able to get there as quickly as they did (I was on my way back from an Ot trip ) and cause enough drama/commotion to scare them off. They attempted to grab one of mentioned friends before leaving though, everyone needs to be safe.

Since posting this, 3 locals have reached out saying they were hit by people matching descriptions and same vehicles. Vehicle 1, blue Ford Expedition Vehicle 2, black Chevy Tahoe

The olivio Leverone person has been tied to our robbery and one of the last peoples, he is the only one we know for sure.


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