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Can You Smoke Marijuana While Taking Antibiotics?
Mary Sauer | June 29, 2020
There is still much research to be done examining individual medications and how the use of marijuana could change how they work in the body.
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Forget The Munchies: How Marijuana Can Be An Appetite Suppressant
Brendan Bures | June 29, 2020
A little-known cannabinoid called THCV can trigger your brain to eat less and avoid greasy, fatty foods.
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Testing Finds Inconsistent Dosing, Signals Need for Self-Regulation
Matthew Kaiser | June 27, 2020
64% of products on Minnesota shelves failed to deliver the advertised amount of CBD. Testing finds inconsistent dosing, signals need for self-regulation.
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Watching an Industry Mature: A Discussion Between Cannabis Pioneers
Kristina Etter | June 26, 2020
Genifer Murray hosts Joe Hodas of Wana Brands to discuss industry progress, the Last Prisoner Project, and what the future holds for legal cannabis.
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