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Whitemacstrain , Male by ANONYMOUS

@whitemacstrain(main account) @yanyanstrain @latenitesnackstrai @blvcklvbelfvmly. All the same guy Scammed me for 4bands gave him a chance to send p...

Sol Seeds by ANONYMOUS

Poor customer service. Will not reply to emails or direct messaging off their site to rectify their mistakes. Quick to message about payments on your...

Justin , age 36, Male by ANONYMOUS

Watch out for this guy Justin @american_solventless who claims to be a processor the local Portland area and steals product from small family farmer o...

Cooper Goguen, age 25, Male by ANONYMOUS

do not trust


This company is no good. They have a history of bouncing checks and non-payment. They never payed the farmer they sourced 8,500 clones from.

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Joshua Duncan

I tried using their competitor. Didn't get the information I needed. The Blacklist reports are superior to anyone else out there.

Samantha P. Davis Chief Fun Officer Acme Toys

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